"optional features shown"

Zach Nader2014-03-01/2014-03-31

Times Square Arts

Times Square Arts

By altering existing imagery through the misuse of common editing software tools, Zach Nader addresses the ways in which elements of anticipation and loss continue to live and transform through image creation and consumption, both personal and public. "optional features shown" is comprised of short segments of car commercials in which the text and representations of cars and people have been digitally removed. Nader deliberately misuses a software tool meant to aid in the removal of minor imperfections, and the resulting visuals reflect upon the scripted nature of image creation and editing. The all context/no content aspect of the video points to the reliable nature of product choice and advertisement.

Presented by Times Square Advertising Coalition
Curated by Times Square Arts
Presented in partnership with Moving Image art fair and Microscope Gallery

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  • Title: "optional features shown"
  • Creator: Zach Nader
  • Date: 2014-03-01/2014-03-31
  • Provenance: Zach Nader, 2014
  • Type: Video
  • External Link: Times Square Arts
  • Medium: Video

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