Professer Deng Bai

Song Zhongyuan1998/1998

Museum of Contemporary Art, China Art Academy

Museum of Contemporary Art, China Art Academy

Professer Deng Bai (邓白教授) is the representative work of Song Zhongyuan, who is one of the five major artists of Zhe School Figure Paintings. Professor Deng Bai is a professor in China Academy of Art (CAA), and the artist caught the moment when Professor Deng was studying ancient ceramics. The figure and objects in the painting are basically on the same level, with few stereoscopic effects. The outlines and shapes of figure and objects mainly consist of flexible lines. The facial expression is also depicted with detailed lines, conveying the spirit of an artist and scholar.

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  • Title: Professer Deng Bai
  • Creator: Song Zhongyuan
  • Date: 1998/1998
  • Provenance: Museum of Contemporary Art of CAA
  • Type: ink painting
  • Creator nationality: China
  • Creator gender: male