Museum of Contemporary Art, China Art Academy

Museum of Contemporary Art, China Art Academy
Hangzhou Shi, China

CAAM (CAA Art Museums) is dedicated to building a highland of social aesthetic education and public cultural service, so as to be“Proceeding on Two Highs”; it develops the tradition as well as explores the contemporary, with the goal of “Two-line Road”; it stands its foothold on the native land and looks towards the global, in pursuit of “Two-wheel Drive”. It is an important part of the CAA strategy to construct a world-class university with characteristics, a platform to display the achievements of the unique visual-artistic discipline-constellation of CAA, and an important stronghold to comprehensively further the social aesthetic education, with the responsibilities of spreading visually the core values and promoting the development of contemporary art and culture in China.
CAA Art Museums is to comprise 3 sub-museums: the Art Museum (contemporary arts), the Design Museum (Bauhaus and European modern designs), and the Folk Crafts Museum (ethnic and folk arts), with a range covering both China and abroad, the tradition and the modern. The 3 museums imbedded in the Academy, plus an online museum, will constitute the whole picture of the CAAM museum-constellation.

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Zhejiang Sheng, Hangzhou Shi, Shangcheng Qu, Nan Shan Lu Wen Hua Yi Shu Xiu Xian Te Se Jie
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