Luigi Ontani2007/2011

Associazione Amici della Fondazione Hospice Seràgnoli Onlus

Associazione Amici della Fondazione Hospice Seràgnoli Onlus

This work donated to the Hospice is introduced by the title which the artist considers an integral part of the work itself, to the point of adding a handwritten title on the reverse side. SciàMano is one of a series of those works where the extreme precision in creative technique demonstrates Ontani’s enormous talent. A lenticular hologram attracts the gaze of the viewer who then participates directly in the actual transformation action. The work changes constantly before our eyes in a visual metamorphosis that actually occurs and is not simply imagined. As well as the artist, the other subject of the piece is the Hand of Fatima, the hand that encloses an eye, apotropaic symbol in many cultures, an amulet to ward off evil that increases the capacity to see and act. A wonderful invocation by the monarch-shaman-artist for the do ut do project and for mankind as a whole.

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  • Title: SciàMano
  • Creator: Luigi Ontani
  • Date: 2007/2011
  • Physical Dimensions: w44 x h75 cm
  • Donor: Luigi Ontani
  • Type: Picture
  • Rights: http://www.doutdo.it/copyright.html
  • Medium: Lenticular hologram

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