T.SQ Newsstand

Juxtapoz, Victory Journal and Grotesk2015-10-09/2015-10-18

Times Square Arts

Times Square Arts

Brooklyn-based and Swiss born artist Kimou "Grotesk" Meyer, Victory Journal, Juxtapoz Magazine, and Times Square Arts created the "T.SQ Newsstand," a new take on the iconic NYC newsstand of yesterday. The "T.SQ Newsstand" is an artful reminder of New York City's support of artists and printed publications. It offered a roster of hand-picked art and culture magazines, including Juxtapoz Magazine, Brooklyn's own Victory Journal and a limited-edition publication featuring Charlie Ahearn, Daniel Arnold, Barbara Kruger, Jason Polan, Jean Jullien, Cheryl Dunn, Jane Dickson and more.

In June 2009, Juxtapoz Magazine commissioned a cover illustration from Grotesk. The result was an idiosyncratic update of the newsstand, the New York staple that represented a classic version of the city we know and love. In 2014, Grotesk brought the illustration to life, designing, painting and constructing a pop-up installation at the SCOPE Miami Art Show.

The "T.SQ Newsstand" arrived to Times Square in October 2015 with a fresh face: the 4' x 8' x 8.25' plywood and aluminum structure's signs were redone by classically trained sign painters Matt Wright and Mike Langley of Sky High Murals. Some of New York's most respected graffiti writers were invited to add their own personal touch to the structure. To emulate the New York he idealized, Grotesk built wooden items, including fake cigarette packs, pigeons and more.

Presented in partnership with Victory Journal, Juxtapoz, and Grotesk
Backed by Converse

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  • Title: T.SQ Newsstand
  • Creator: Juxtapoz, Victory Journal and Grotesk
  • Date: 2015-10-09/2015-10-18
  • Provenance: Juxtapoz, Victory Journal and Grotesk, 2015
  • Type: Installation/ Activation
  • External Link: Times Square Arts

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