Nagiso rokuro zaiku is a traditional woodturning craft that developed in the
village of Nagiso in Nagano prefecture, a location surrounded by abundant greenery.
Utilizing wood
that is carefully selected by seasoned craftsmen, rokuro zaiku products include practical everyday turned goods, such
as round tea set boxes, trays, bowls, and more. The material qualities and natural
grain of the wood differ depending on the type of tree, so the delicate
variations in the aesthetic of each kind of wood are taken into consideration
when determining the shape and type of product that will be made from it.

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  • Title: Tea canister, Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku
  • Subject Keywords: Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku, Nagano Prefecture
  • Rights: © Nagiso rokuro kogei kyodo kumiai, © Photo: Nagano Prefecture Sangyorodobu