Times Square #SetintheStreet

Justin Bettman2015-04-15/2015-04-19

Times Square Arts

Times Square Arts

Justin Bettman is a photographer and art director based in New York City. "#SetintheStreet" is an ongoing art project in which he builds elaborate outdoor sets against walls of buildings, out of unwanted materials and furniture, much of which is found on the street. After shooting the photos, the sets are left up on the street, where passersby can shoot their own photos and share using the Instagram hashtag #setinthestreet.

For Times Square, Bettman built an elaborate cinematic set out of unwanted materials and furniture collected from all five boroughs of New York City. He took this opportunity to introduce bits and pieces of domestic life for millions of local New Yorkers in the city's iconic center. For this iteration of his "#SetintheStreet" series, he consciously invited people to unleash their creativity on set and participate in the cinema of the neighborhood.

In collaboration with Tribeca Film Festival

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  • Title: Times Square #SetintheStreet
  • Creator: Justin Bettman
  • Date: 2015-04-15/2015-04-19
  • Provenance: Justin Bettman, 2015
  • Type: Installation
  • External Link: Times Square Arts

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