Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares de Sevilla

Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares de Sevilla

A valance consisting of three openwork cloths joined with a crestwork insertion. It is completed with a strip and the lower decorative trim called a "castañeta", the edgings of which are finished with bobbin lace and tassels; the other three sides have green and ivory silk fringes, which were added at a later date. The decoration consists of motifs within geometric shapes and others in circular shape; the first and third cloths also have bands depicting doves and ladies holding mirrors and doves. The horizontal strip is decorated with birds facing a tree and the castañeta trim is features a bird and a heart alternating at each point. The openwork is decorated with thick spiral stitches and filet stitches. The green twill weave lining is also a later addition. Both the castañeta trim and the strip are longer on the top and are folded and sewn. This shows they were reused as a finish in this example.

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  • Title: Valance
  • Date Created: 1500/1699
  • Location: The Sierra de Huelva Area
  • Physical Dimensions: 87,5 x 149 cm
  • Type: Household fabrics
  • Medium: Taffeta with openwork embroidery with filet and spiral stitching and bobbin lace


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