Adriaan de Lelie

May 19, 1755 - Nov 30, 1820

Adriaan de Lelie was a Dutch painter.
He was born in Tilburg.
De Lelie was a pupil of A. Peeters, a painter of tapestries and ornaments, and afterwards of Andreas Bernardus de Quertenmont in Antwerp. He made copies of many portraits by Rubens and van Dyck in Düsseldorf, and also of historical pictures by Italian and Dutch masters. On the advice of Professor Camper, he established himself in Amsterdam.
He painted a great number of portraits and cabinet pictures. The latter includes one of the celebrated art lover Jan Gildemeester in the act of showing his collection to a party of ladies and gentlemen. One of his best works is that of the 'Drawing Academy' of the Felix Meritis Society in Amsterdam. His pictures are highly esteemed in the Netherlands and Germany, where they can be found in distinguished collections.
His pupils were Jean Augustin Daiwaille, Jan Adriaan Antonie de Lelie, François Montauban van Swijndregt, Pièrre Recco, Izaak Riewert Schmidt, and Johannes Ziesenis.
He died in Amsterdam.
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