Heungdeoksa Temple site

Heungdeoksa temple site, is the site of the historic Heungdeoksa Temple, in Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea. A Buddhist temple which existed during the Unified Silla and Goryeo periods.
The temple is believed to have been constructed prior to 848 and was destroyed by fire in the late 1370s. The exact location of Heungdeoksa temple remained unknown until 1985, when a number of relics were discovered as part of a land development project in the area by the Korean Land Development Corporation. The Cheongju University oversaw the archaeological excavation and confirmed it was the location of the Heungdeoksa temple, after discovering a bronze gong and bowl, with the temple's inscription on them. The site was designated as a historic site on May 7, 1986. A reproduction of a Buddhist prayer hall and a three-story stone pagoda have been constructed on the site based on the excavation survey.
The temple was where the Buljojikjisimcheyojoel, the world’s oldest extant book printed with movable metal type, was printed.
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