Queen Munjeong

Dec 2, 1501 - May 5, 1565

Queen Munjeong or Queen Moon-Jung, also known as Queen Dowager Seongryeol, was a Queen consort of Korea by marriage to King Jungjong of Joseon, and Regent of Korea from 1545 until 1565.
She was of the Papyeong Yun clan. She was regent for her son King Myeongjong when he was still too young to rule by himself until 1565. Known as a good administrator, she continued to rule even after he reached the age of maturity. She gave out the land to common people who had been formerly owned by the nobility. It was only after her death that her son took over power.
She was given the posthumous title Seongryeol Inmyeong Munjeong Wanghu.
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