Tarsila do Amaral

Sep 1, 1886 - Jan 17, 1973

Tarsila de Aguiar do Amaral, internationally known as Tarsila do Amaral or simply Tarsila, is considered one of the leading Latin American modernist artists, described as "the Brazilian painter who best achieved Brazilian aspirations for nationalistic expression in a modern style." She was a member of the Grupo dos Cinco, which was a group of five Brazilian artists who are considered the biggest influence in the modern art movement in Brazil. The other members of the Grupo dos Cinco are Anita Malfatti, Menotti Del Picchia, Mário de Andrade, and Oswald de Andrade. Tarsila was also instrumental in the formation of the Antropofagia movement; she was in fact the one who inspired Oswald de Andrade's famous Anthropophagic Manifesto.
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