Antonio Solario

1465 - 1530

Antonio Solario, also known as "Lo Zingaro" was an Italian painter of the Venetian school, who worked in Naples, the Marche and possibly England.
His career is obscure, largely pieced together from surviving works, and at one time his existence was doubted. He is often referred to also as Antonio de Solario or Antonio da Solario,
He was possibly born and probably trained in Venice, and signed the Withypool Altarpiece "Antonius Desolario, Venetus 1514"; this includes a donor portrait and the heraldry of the London merchant Paul Withypool. This work and other references to works in England by John Leland a few decades later are the evidence for his putative English visit. The altarpiece is in the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery who own the main panel; the wings have been loaned by the National Gallery, who also have a Virgin and Child. There is a similar but smaller panel of the Madonna and Child with a Donor in the National Museum of Capodimonte at Naples. All include charming small landscapes seen through windows in a wall behind the figures.
He is first recorded at Fermo in 1502, and last in Montecassino in 1518; if this last is excluded his last known date is 1514.
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