Kinichiro Ishikawa

Aug 8, 1871 - Sep 10, 1945

Kinichiro Ishikawa was a Japanese painter. He taught part-time in Taiwan at the University of Taipei and as full-time instructor at the Taiwan Mandarin Institute. He promoted modern western art education in Taiwan and was considered a pioneer of art education. In Taiwan, he initiated the art and culture monthly meeting and the tea party. He came to Taiwan to actively promote watercolor paintings in schools and off-campus, through platforms such as the Taiwan Daily News and Taiwan Times. He published paintings and articles "The Latest Watercolor Painting Method", "Extracurricular Painting Posts", "Mountain Purple Water Ming" and directed the Seven Star Painting Society, the Taiwan Watercolor Painting Society, the Keelung Asian Painting Association, as well as school art workshops and courses for amateurs. In the 1920s Taiwan's painting circles included Lee Shih-chiao, Huang Yibin, Li Mei-shu, Ni Jianghuai, Ran In-ting and Lee Tze-fan.
Ishikawa advocated for the Taiwanese government to hold a sponsored art exhibition and found the Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibition. Taiwan has a tradition of running a competitive art exhibition where Ishikawa served as an examiner.
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