Park Hyun-ki

1942 - January 2000

Park Hyun-ki is a pioneer of Korean minimal video art. Park was born in 1942 in Osaka, Japan but fled to Daegu, South Korea with his family in 1945 when there were warnings of imminent nuclear bombing by the United States. Park enrolled at Hongik University as a painting major but graduated with an architecture degree in 1964. Later Park returned to Daegu in the 1970s and worked at an interior architecture firm so he could purchase equipment to produce artworks. He approached the medium of video art with an Eastern philosophical disposition, re-interpreting it as a "spiritual symbol of materialism and Western technology". Through his works, he tested the boundaries of experimentation in conceptual art, especially that of experience with perception. Instead of investigating advanced technology of video art, Park used a low-tech simplicity that "treated the television monitor and televised image as sculpture in and of themselves". He began to gain recognition as an artist at Daegu Contemporary Art Festival and extended his scope by participating in international art fairs like Bienal de São Paulo, Biennale de Paris and in number of exhibitions in Japan in the 1980s.
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