Taddeo Crivelli

Died 1479

Taddeo Crivelli, also known as Taddeo da Ferrara, was an Italian painter of illuminated manuscripts. He is considered one of the foremost 15th-century illuminators of the Ferrara school, and also has the distinction of being the probable engraver of the first book illustrated with maps, which was also the first book using engraving.
His most prestigious commission was a lavishly illustrated two-volume Bible produced between 1455 and 1461 for Ferrara's ruler, Duke Borso d'Este. Other surviving works he took charge of in Ferrara include an illuminated copy of Boccaccio’s Decameron and a luxurious book of hours known as the Gualenghi-d'Este Hours.
After Borso's death in 1471 he moved to Bologna, where payments for his work declined. Despite the lavish works he supervised during his career he sometimes pawned parts of manuscripts he was supposed to illuminate, suggesting his finances were far from stable. His last recorded work dates from 1476.
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