Wang Xizhi

303 AD - 361 AD

Wang Xizhi was a Chinese calligrapher, politician, general and writer during the Jin dynasty. He was best known for his mastery of Chinese calligraphy. Wang is sometimes regarded as the greatest Chinese calligrapher in Chinese history, and was a master of all forms of Chinese calligraphy, especially the running script. Furthermore, he is known as one of the Four Talented Calligraphers in Chinese calligraphy. Emperor Taizong of Tang admired his works so much that the original Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion was said to be buried with the emperor in his mausoleum.
In addition to the artistic talent in which continues to be held in high esteem in modern China, he has been and remains an influential figure in East Asian calligraphy, particularly Japanese calligraphy.
His tomb was severely damaged during the Cultural Revolution.
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