curated by Daniele Radini Tedeschi

Entrance first room
"Everyone around love and at the same time criticize the Kitsch ... then you might as well call it by its right name of Rococo. Why ban a return of the Rococo when we accepted those of the Classic with the neoclassical Winkelmann, those of the Baroque with neo-baroque Calabrese, the mannerism with neomanierismo of Portuguese and Bonito Oliva.But it would be wrong to speak of neo-rococo because even in his day was more beautiful atmosphere, populated by characters each with their own style, from Mozart, Casanova, de Sade, therefore not pigeonhole into a concept encyclopedic.The style was the eighteenth-century building with its walls, the rococo air that it contained ...Simply this. And now it is as if an ancient wind he couldbring this gust of powder, this barrage of harpsichords, Codest puffs of good life.So, without any fear, I smell the rococo in the production of many artists in vogue today, from Jeff Koons to Maurizio Cattelan, up to certain luxury of Damien Hirst, leading then to the younger Francesco Vezzoli.The exhibition Sweet Death, held as part of the 56. Venice Biennale in National Pavilion Guatemala, wants to revive this style of course updating it with the contributions came from contemporary to us." Daniele Radini Tedeschi

Sweet Death is a festival colorful, connoted in some respects from the apparent emptiness capable of dealing with a smile even death.

The exhibition reflects the lifestyle noir, mocking, luxurious tending to a sort of "spleen" baudeleriano that characterizes the language of its creator Daniel Radini Tedeschi.

Here present busts of starlets, artist Schmidlin, relate to their "last journey"

The installation "The butterflies of Belén", made up of 200 aluminum butterflies, it recalls the spirit of the entire event, for provocation and colors.

Sculptures by Elsie Wunderlich present man as guardian of the nature and position of inferiority before the greatness of the latter, only art can groped a symbiotic union.

Star rouged in their waxes, with a make-up that crystallizes features now faded, monuments to themselves expecting a comfortable tomb.

How then do not think about the figures of the vitreous castellanos "Lady Spondilus" although having a brood Guatemalan actually is "sister" of a current Italian Lollo, ducted into cannula oxygen.

..and still to a large canvas having to subject a scene from the film Death in Venice, painted admirably by Salvatore Ruggeri in his ironic realism.

The dream becomes reality. These are the basic elements of a work like "Indole" where a child is abandoned to the dream, the only place where you can give shape to their imagination and entertainment.

The latter is a kind of tombstone which shows the image of a sleeping child, where those little animals blacks seem to torment his pure soul.

To counter such a desolation impressive sculpture of Max Leiva, a man hooded and faceless lingers on the edge of a precipice. Giordano Bruno is his name it appears at the mercy between life and death.

All of a sudden the eye is caught by a festive installation of Magri, of a shocking pink, where eternal and then fallen idols are associated with Youth, Eternit and Fuhrer find consolation in the Art.

Instead, in the Blue Room it is the union between the kitchen and the Art.
Undisguised criticism is the whole front of the excesses.

It is this concept evoked by the second table in which we see only a piece of spaghetti into the pot three sad tomatoes. Before it a girl emaciated and gaunt.

Sweet death
Second half of the Guatemala Pavilion.

Miky Mouse covers his eyes from what is inside the cube that supports it, or covering his eyes from the work that follows him....!?

Large light installation in the shape of inverted pyramid in which we find a series of playful bulbs of different colors and shapes. These are the metaphor of enlightenment because human ingenuity.

Large format photography and multiple meanings that of Carlo Marraffa in the red room, which portrays Columbidae intent to observe the gait of a car that has just crushed with its wheel their nest.

Ghosts lurk in the halls of the Rafts, the same presence that roam winter in the lagoon looking for a landing. Here are the souls of elmar Rojas in this painting.

Je sui charlie
To recapture the attention is an impressive kinetic skull black paint, creepy is the contrast between the diamond polishing and teeth stained; it seems to do a grin, and at the same time flaunt, embedded in his skull, colorful pencils as they were slashing ... is Charlie artist Sabrina Bertolelli.

Evocative atmosphere in the works of Monica Serra and Carlo Guidetti

Sweet death
The exhibition ends on the first floor, with the author Roberto Miniati which places before his funeral that everyone sooner or later we will have: toilet with the words "I-You-Me" alludes to the ultimate destiny that goes out every form of creativity, represented by painted tomb-place in the background. The carpet and the numerous statues refer to the spirituality of the Latin American world, to Africa "cradle of humanity". A central figure Maternal becomes apex installation, a symbol of rebirth evoking altresi numerous femicides in South America, currently the world's phenomena. On the sides of the installation two Super Heroes such as Spider Man and Batman in the words of the author "represent the invincibility of those nations ... rich countries that pretend to decide the Fates of the poorer nations."
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Invited Artists

Sabrina Bertolelli
Mariadolores Castellanos
Max Leiva
Pier Domenico Magri
Adriana Montalto
Elmar Rojas (Elmar René Rojas Azurdia)
Paolo Schmidlin
Mónica Serra
Elsie Wunderlich
Collettivo La Grande Bouffe


Daniele Accossato
Monica Anselmi
Luigi Bianchini
Ennio Calabria
Luigi Citarrella
Teresa Condito
Maurizio Gabbana
Garullo & Ottocento
Carlo Guidetti
Marisa Laurito
Carmelo Leone
Carlo Maltese
Carlo Marraffa
Fatima Messana
Paolo Residori
Salvatore Ruggeri
Jucci Ugolotti


Governo del Guatemala
Ministero della Cultura del Guatemala
Comune di Mornico Losana
Galleria Studio C di Luciano Carini
Bonaveri Unipersonale srl
Laura Gavioli
Gruppo Mosaicisti di Marco Santi, Ravenna
Gruppo Eleuteri di Egidio Eleuteri
Naturalia Energy Wellspring srl
100Architetti e Casa Allegra
FB1913 (HK)Ltd
Paolo Ruggeri
Cancelleria Oliva
Azienda Piccinini Vini d.o.
De Castelli srl

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