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The Carmen Miranda Style in Chunky Jewelry

The Carmen Miranda Style
Carmen Miranda was so special she created a colorful but incredibly elegant styling of the Bahian clothing. She was a small, sprightly woman with big green eyes and a mouth that always boasted a huge smile, a woman who created a famous cinematic look that can be compared only to the costumes of Marlene Dietrich or Marilyn Monroe.

Look at me and tell me if I don't have Brazil in every curve of my body.

Carmen Miranda

The chunky jewelry
Even before she became famous, Carmen loved wearing costume jewelry. As the biggest female singing star in Brazil in the 1930s, she wore various pieces and women were soon copying her style. She was not particularly fond of fine jewelry and, when she started wearing Bahia-style outfits, she went over the top with her costume jewelry.

In the United States, Carmen found various artists who would make jewelry for her, and she commissioned pieces for her films and for her own personal use.

Cluster ring

Cluster ring set with stones.

It should be pointed out that, as she was a star, her costumes in this vast array of colors, shapes, and materials were created exclusively for her.

Carmen preferred costume jewelry to fine jewelry. Her collection included rings, bracelets, bangles, brooches, necklaces, chokers, and earrings. Her image has always been linked to the jewelry she wore, both in her career as a singer and actress, and in her personal life.

Her Stage Jewelry
Carmen went over the top with the jewelry for her first Bahia-inspired costume. Then, from 1946 onward, she replaced the large number of necklaces and bracelets she wore as part of her stage costumes with Egyptian-style breastplates and bangles, which were created exclusively for her and were easier to transport when she was on tour.

She used the huge breastplates worn by Egyptian pharaohs as inspiration but incorporated a double row of stones into the designs she wore. These neck pieces fitted in with the shows she was doing at the time and hid her bustier straps and the size of her breasts.

Red wrist bracelet

Wrist bracelet with red stones.

Openwork on the Breastplates.

Regardless of whether it was intended to be worn on stage or for social events, Carmen's costume jewelry was always made to match a costume or tie in with a theme; for example, the bracelets for her Bahia-style costumes.

Her Costume Jewelry and Social Occasions
At the start of her career in Brazil, Carmen wore her jewelry in lots of different ways, including brooches pinned to her suits and dresses. Copying this in her social life marked her out as a star with her own unique sparkle.

Her jewelry became her trademark, not only on stage and screen, but also in her social life. Her bangles and bracelets were commissioned in metal and precious stones, and featured various patterns such as dragons, geometric shapes, and arabesques in relief. Several bracelets were in cast metal or were fluted.

Her Earrings and Brooches
Earrings and brooches offered Carmen Miranda infinite possibilities. Brooches could become earrings when pinned to a turban, or hair ornaments could be attached to necklaces. Earrings also became brooches and hair ornaments.

A single set of brooches offered endless combinations when worn in different places. After all, there was no such thing as an overstatement for Carmen Miranda and everything was well matched with her flamboyant clothes, turbans, and platform shoes, which were themselves often decorated with her pendants.

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