Os Lusíadas for the family 

Galeria de Arte Urbana

“Os Lusíadas for all the family”

The artists described this scene with four gods (Bacchus, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter) watching trip of the Portuguese fleet. This scene has a very particular sense of humor present in these two artists.

This graffiti is about the introduction of the Lusiadas. Here we can see Camões, author of the epic poem, sitting on a ship with a big wave behind him.

The episode of the giant Adamastor means overcoming the most southern point of the African continent on the way to the Indian Ocean. The artists described the scene as a Adamastor, monster like cave, ready to swallow the passing ships . The monster has child's buoy on it's head. This scene has a very particular sense of humor very present in these two artists.

Here the artists described the story of Inês de Castro with a big broken heart and on each side both Pedro and Inês de Castro.

Paulo da Gama Catual explains the meaning of the symbols of Portuguese flags, telling him episodes of the History of Portugal represented there. Artists described this scene with a shepherd (Viriato) wearing a fox fur on his head and holding a sword wood looking at the landscape. There is a map of the journey from Lisbon to the discovery of the sea route to India, drawn on his back.

The Old Man of Restelo represents all those who were against this trip. The artists described the Old Man of Restelo like an old bald man with crow on his head, long beard looking at the ships and in the background the city of Lisbon.

The fleet reaches Calcut. The Catual visit the fleet. The artists described the arrival at Calcut resorting to religious imagery, like the elephant with four arms. The elephant god is holding a samosa as well as the local wildlife in his lap.

After overcoming some difficulties, the Portuguese leave Calicut, starting the return journey to the motherland. Venus decides to prepare a reward for sailors, causing them to get to Ilha dos Amores. For this, Venus sent her son Cupid shoot arrows of love to the Nymphs, being injured by the goddess of love, who will receive the Portuguese sailors madly passionate for them. Artists described this scene with the goddess of love in sending the fleet to Island and right loves a nymph waiting sailors.

The Portuguese fleet has faced the fury of the sea and the monster in the episode of Adamastor giant that is over the most southern point of the African continent on the way to the Indian Ocean. The artists represented here the fury of the ocean with a giant hand holding a glass of water and inside the fleet.

This graffiti is the TAG (signature of both artists) RAM and MAR during teamwork - The ARM Collective

The machina mundi where everything is created sends a carriage pulled by a huge mystic fish who tries to swallow Camões. The legs of Camões in skeleton has the fish tongue wrapped around him, while his upper body is represented as an aquarium with a boat inside. Camões has an outstretched arm trying to save his masterpiece - Os Lusiadas.

Credits: Story

Photography — 2013 José Vicente | GAU | DPC | CML

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