The We Love You Project

The We Love You Project

The We Love You project is a photo series with a mission to photograph over 1,000 black males of all ages. 

The We Love You Project explained by creator and photographer, Bryon Summers at the first shoot location in Brooklyn, NY.

So many people will be quick to meet violence with violence but that only makes matters worse.

Not everyone will want to march, but a portrait in solidarity with hundreds of other historically misrepresented people can inspire a change relevant to this time period.

With technology at our fingertips, we can all determine what’s news worthy with a simple social media post.

The We Love You project is a simple but powerful reassurance to our black boys and men that even though it feels like they are being murdered and destroyed constantly, they are still a part of a larger community that loves and supports them.

The Portaits
What follows are a sample of portraits from The We Love You Project 

"A change will come." - Cairo

"There is no cookie cutter for black men. We look different, act different, think different. But there is a common pulsation within the culture that needs to be shown. The WE LOVE YOU project does just that." - Derrick

"To show the true side of all black men. Men who are compassionate to our significant others, mentors to our youth and leaders of the world." - Joshua

"Be strong, educate yourselves, free your mind, strive for success, and keep God first through it all." - Raymond

"We are a powerful force in this world. Always be who you are and stand with conviction. Love your skin. - Maurese

"Never compromise who you are for the sake of convenience. Always say your name with power and conviction. If you don't unconditionally love yourself, and your people, who will? If you don't speak for your greatness, who will?" - Claude

"I'm a young black boy who will eventually become a black man and I don't want the world to fear me. And because my mom made me do it." - Bradyn

Behind the Scenes
The following images show the process and interaction between the project creator and the participants in a few of the visited cities.

A hand full of the participants pose outside of Union Market in NE Washington, DC. This was the second city to join the project and brought out over 200 men to be photographed in one day.

Using new technology, project creator Bryon Summers and volunteers used smart phones to gather release forms and social media handles to promote the photo series.

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