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Hein Gorny: Capturing The Graphic World of Stockings

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Unpublished works by Hein Gorny (1904-1967) for the German stocking manufacturer ROGO

Hein Gorny: Capturing The Graphic World of Stockings
Hein Gorny (1904-1967) was commissioned to photograph the manufacturing process at the German stocking manufacturer ROGO (short form of Robert Götze), based in Oberlungwitz, Saxony. Gorny started working for the company in the early 1940's and the results are works of art. 
Hein Gorny first shot in black and white before he was asked to use the newly available celluloid color negatives in 1943/44. The aim of this photographic work was to cover the workers, buildings, production, facilities and products and was probably aimed at publishing a jubilee publication for the 60th anniversary of the company in 1946. Following the previous jubilee publication of 1936 in black and white including photographs of Albert Renger-Patzsch (1897-1966), ROGO was eager to benefit from the availability of colour photography.

ROGO knitting machine. The knitting machine was invented by William Lee of Calverton near Nottingham in 1589. Its use was the first major stage in the mechanization of the textile industry.

The ROGO cotton machine was able to produce 24 stockings at the same time. The first machine was steam powered before being replaced by electrical power.

Spools and bobbings

Needles for the production of stockings

Color pigments

Dyeing of the fabric

The finished product: ROGO silk stockings

Zwickel stocking

Petinet stocking

Stockings with lace details

Ring socks out of cotton produced since 1875

Hein Gorny
Hein Gorny (1904 - 1967) was a German photographer who worked in the spirit of the New Objectivity. As a highly versatile photographer, he photographed a broad range of subject matter, including portraits, architecture and animals, as well as images used in industrial, commercial and illustrational contexts. In addition he created experimental photographs, primarily working with macro photography. Advertising photography was the field in which Hein Gorny carried out numerous commissions and was most well-known. He was primarily active in Hanover and Berlin. He was masterful in his groundbreaking ability to fuse the photographic spririt of his time with the demands of advertising photography. Self-taught, he had extensive, in-depth knowledge of photographic techniques and was specialised both in photographic and darkroom processes.
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