February 2014

POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014

POW! WOW! Hawaii

POW! WOW! is a gathering that celebrates culture, music and art. Centered around week-long events in cities around the world, POW! WOW! has grown into a global network of artists and organizes gallery shows, lecture series, schools for art and music, mural projects, community creative spaces and concerts. This is the 2014 Hawaii edition of POW! WOW!
Mural by James Jean (New York).
POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014 - Welcome to the Neighborhood
Mural by Push (California).
Mural by Askew (New Zealand), Reyes (California) and Zes (California).
Mural by Know Hope (Israel).
Mural by Lady Aiko (Japan).
Mural by Pursue (California) and Slick (Hawaii).
Mural by Trav (California).
Mural by Kinsey (California).
Mural by Skinner (California), Spencer Keeton Cunningham (California) and Aaron Glasson (California).
Mural by Reka (Australia) and Lucky Olelo (Hawaii).
Mural by Katch (Hawaii).
Mural by Ckaweeks (Hawaii) and Beak (Hawaii).
Mural by Reach (Taiwan).
Mural by Kevin Ancell (Hawaii)
Mural by Dabs Myla (Australia) and Tanja Jade (New Zealand).
Mural by Axis (California).
Mural by Nychos (Austria) and Buff Monster (Hawaii).
Mural by Wooden Wave (Hawaii).
Mural by Whomu (Hawaii).
Mural by Aaron De La Cruz (Hawaii).
Mural by Seth Globepainter (France).
Mural by Apex (California).
Hypebeast with Apex at POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014 Video
Mural by Cyrcle (California).
Mural by Defer (California), Norm (California) and Kamea Hadar (Hawaii).
Mural by Inti (Chile).
Mural by Aaron De La Cruz (California).
Mural by Aloha Family (Hawaii).
Mural by Jessie and Katey (Maryland).
Mural by Meggs (Australia) and Bask (Florida).
Mural by Mung Monster (Hawaii).
Mural by Tatiana Suarez (Florida) and Woes Martin (Hawaii).
Mural by 123Klan (France).
Mural by Ekundayo (Hawaii).
Mural by Brendan Monroe (California) and Glenn Barr (Michigan).
Mural by Cryptk (California).
Behind the Scenes of POW! WOW! 2014 with Complex Magazine
Mural by Cope2 (New York) and Indie 184 (New York).
Mural by Ron English (New York).
Mural by Tristan Eaton (California).
Mural by Hannah Stouffer (California) and Andrew Schoultz (California).
Mural by INSA (UK) and Roids (UK).
Hypebeast with INSA and Roids at POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014 Video
Mural by Madsteez (California).
Cardboard masks by Wayne White (California).
Mural by Vhils (Portugal).
Mural by Kofie (California).
POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014 Video by Werehaus


Growing year by year, POW! WOW! has outgrown its roots as a one-day contemporary art festival to become a creative community of international artists and contributors. 2014 was no different, with alumni and groundbreaking talents from the realms of music and art coming together for a week-long gathering in Honolulu, Hawaii. Highlights included the opening exhibition curated by Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace, the screening of The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan by Roger Gasteman, and the pop-up shows from 1XRun and Pangea Seed and RVCA x The Seventh Letter, while workshops and lectures offered insight to the art at hand, and a closing Block Party celebrated the striking new murals of Kaka’ako. Tackling the architectures with their signature styles, the artists added to the high spirits of the newly-transformed art district with their own unique pieces.

POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014 Family.
Credits: Story

Founder and Lead Director — Jasper Wong
Photographer — Brandon Shigeta
Videographer — Santiago Arbelaez / Hypebeast
Videographer — Werehaus
Videographer — Michael Inouye
Videographer — Vincent Ricafort
Paint — Montana Cans
Sponsors — RVCA, Flexfit, Hawaiian Airlines
Website — www.powwowhawaii.com
Instagram — @powwowhawaii

Credits: All media
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