Filipino Street Art Project

The Filipino Street Art Project
ZPLK x PZL x QUDO x Killingwithcuteness
Two Rich Way King Inn Dreams
Terr Teen Mass Where Tey
Watt eat peels two bee up art prom lob
Teddy cotillion with his baby space monkey and the start and end of his aspirations

“Killingwithcuteness is a name I’ve come up with to describe the cute entities I create with vomit colors, those that brandish cleavers and knives. They're the shady horrors that offer hope and heart-shaped things. It’s matter of being sweet, so sweet it’s diabetic.”

gall up end flight, diz steed, diz scent tee meant
Yer off duh would den whores

“I got into art because of my brother, I always saw him sketch superheroes like Marvel and DC - he is fond of western super heroes and Japanese mecha anime series. During those times I also watched a lot of cartoons and was also introduced to comics. The 1st comic I had was locally published and was called Funny Komiks,there was a character that got my attention, and it was Combatron. During that time, the art was similar to the toys that became popular, those SD gundams. I always had an affinity for cute and deformed things or “chibi” things. I tried sketching them but my skills back then were really awful. But still it didn’t stop me from drawing.”

A prom is two weight
Ten mean net block sat turd day king fish
a far ray see on end this may
Be four apple call lisp

“I went on a long hiatus with art. I had a kid and a failed relationship with the mother, and it took me a long while to return into painting. But all of that was kind of lacking, just part of me getting back on my feet to make art.

I got involved in street art when I got together with fellow alumni Rai Cruz. I told him my story and he then invited me to join one of the paint sessions with Cavity Collective. It changed my life and I’m still doing street art thanks to Rai and the guys and girls of the Cavity family.”

Cute eye boration
Two bee first swayed inn two some thing bet err
Man oh war off love end lock
Take king duh lid with me end you
These ease a saw cold sell fee
Sum thing lost some thing pound
Two terr teen, God speed
Tooth day kay ala moon
Width hymm end her till two marrow
Jazz four thee
Two keep once fate

"The things I do with my hands are usually fueled by what happened to me or what sweet ideals I’ve tasted in songs, movies or literature. It’s a mash up of what dreams are made of, a lot of sugar and spice and a dash of chemical x.The pieces usually show the spectrums of love and tragedy, bitter sweet memories and cold hard truth, a subtle way of provoking people or just leaving them with smiles on their lips."

- Interview excerpts from www.filipinostreetart.tumblr.com

Key ping a hold off dot dream
Maundy Thursday
Yer and there two any 13
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Artist — Killingwithcuteness
For more, see — www.filipinostreetart.com

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