The Filipino Street Art Project
At Bliss Market

"Born and raised in Manila, I am the second of elevent brothers and sisters. Basically, I grew up in a big family. I spent most of my childhood taking care of my siblings and drawing on the walls of our old home. We drew TV sets, radios, and all sorts of appliances that we couldn’t afford at the time."

Ungga, Jood
Jood, Egg Fiasco, Quiccs, Blic
Knockout Manila, Ungga, Jood

In addition to being a freelance artist and member of Pilipinas Street Plan, Jood is an arts educator currently pursuing his Masters. 

“In my research there’s almost nothing written about graffiti / street art in the Philippines. I hope art critics and art historians can start writing about this movement. But I don’t want to state the obvious in my study - that is the hard part. But as long as I do street art, and connect myself with other street artists, there will be developments in my research.”

Ungga, Jood

“I like the concept of mystery in my works. There is always a figure in my compositions that always has something hidden, whether it’s the eyes, the mouth, its gesture, or even its whole face. I also do pieces of a hooded figure, representing a wanderer, wonderer, an individual who relishes and loathes whatever’s in the urban society.

This wraith-like figure is compelling. In my experience wandering outside at night, I came to form this figure. A figure that observes but filters what he loathes behind urban society.”

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Work in progress - Jood, Egg Fiasco, Quiccs
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