How do museums use technology to enhance our experience of arts & culture

Explore the digital museum with the Micro-folies

Micro-folies project from La Villette embarks you on a tour to discover famous artworks located in French museums such as Le Louvre, the Quai Branly , the Centre Pompidou and the Musée Picasoo

See more than with a naked eye with the Musée des Beaux-arts de Lille et du Musée des Beaux-arts de Lyon

« Deep zoom » (zoom macro) into the museums artworks (among which Jérôme Bosch, Goya, Monet) to discover unexpected details and observe from very close the masters' technique to a level of details invisible to the naked eye.

Immerse yourself in prehistoric time with the Musée de Saint-Germain-en-Laye

A large interactive tab will allow visitors to understand and play with representations of the bears at the time of Prehistoric Paleolithic men, the first in our history.

Manipulate the Triade d'Osorkon with Le Louvre

3D scanning of the Osorkon statuette from the 22nd Egyptian Dynasty (874-850 BC), allows the visitor to discover, very closely and from all angles, this exceptional object by the quality of its execution and the richness of the materials used.
The device allows to virtually manipulate the statuette in order to observe its details, especially the inscription in hieroglyphs at the bottom.

Rebuild the triumphal arc of Palmyre

With drones and ground studies of the Palmyre site in April 2016, the english startup Iconem has been able to recreate virtually several monuments destroyed by the Islamic State organization. Combining archive footage, experience
of augmented reality and very accurate 3D models, Art # Connexion propose to revive for two days a part of the exhibition Eternal Sites of the Grand Palais (2016).

Compose a new artwork with the Nympheas interactive from the RMN Grand-Palais

Create an ephemeral artwork inspired by Monet's Nympheas. With a virtual 40m2 pond on display the visitors are able to play out with Monet's famous painting.

Play with the Pop-up book of the Louis Vuitton Foundation

Visitors will be able to take pictures and personalise them with a Photomaton® collection of artworks and portraits of visitors. All content is created in a new type of 'visitors' book'.

The augmented visit with the Conciergerie's HistoPad

While contemplating the large visuals representing the rooms of the Palace today, thanks to the HistoPad, visitors can immerse themselves in the interiors of the monument, reconstituted as they were in the Middle Ages and during the French Revolution. The Revolutionary Court and Marie-Antoinette's Cell have been restored to 360 ° to offer a spectacular immersive experience.

Cinema in virtual reality with Arte

Arte displays some of its own creations in virtual reality together with famous artworks such as A Bar at the Folies Bergères (Manet) - Kinderspiele (Bruegel) - L’Île des morts (Böcklin) - The Scream (Munch) and other classics (Velázquez - Véronèse - Gauguin - Saint
Antoine de Bosch)

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