Old meets new: hand-woven kente cloth and Swarovski upcycled crystals

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Explore the exchange story of designer Sydney-Davies from Sierra Leone and artisan Big Dread Kente from Ghana, and Ousman Toure, Continent Clothing from The Gambia and find out how they created their look for The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange, 2018.

"Sierra Leone is a place largely avoided by the fashion industry although skills and needs are plentiful. I wanted to create a fashion brand that would not only change my life but also the lives of many, by providing education and jobs for local people. This is my dream. I hope I inspire others to follow suit. I hope I will give them confidence, by seeing that it is possible to produce high quality fashion that’s both affordable and ethical."                                                                                                                                                                    Eumphemia-Ann Sydney Davies
The Exchange: Sierra Leone x Ghana / The Gambia
For The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange 2018, designer Sydney-Davies exchanged with artisans Big Dread Kente and Ousman Toure, Continent Clothing, to create a look that highlighted traditional design techniques and craftsmanship. The look was unveiled at Buckingham Palace on February 19, 2018, and later moved to the Australian High Commission, London, where it was open to the public in the run up to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit, April 2018.
Sierra Leone: Designer Sydney-Davies
Mad pattern and dazzling colours run through the veins of Euphemia-Ann Sydney Davies, the Sierra Leone designer currently piquing the attention of the international fashion world.  Sydney Davies was a child refugee during the brutal civil war, and now works tirelessly to be a positive representation of her country by creating edgy looks that are also ethical and sustainable. For the past two years she has been producing some of her pieces in Sierra Leone, supporting local creatives and artisans. She is currently working on her new collection to debut at London Fashion Week 2018.
Ghana: Artisan Big Dread Kente
Big Dread Kente is a kente weaving company in Ghana, founded in 2015 and run by husband and wife team, Gideon and Julia. The workshop aims to train young boys and girls to learn the beautiful and ancient craft of kente weaving. 

Traditional Kente Cloth

The Ewe people from southern Ghana have been wearing kente, a vibrantly striped woven, fabric for centuries.

Originally only worn by royalty, with special meaning woven through the horizontal and vertical patterns, today kente is worn by all, often on special occasions like weddings.

"I came across Big Dread Kente on Instagram and immediately fell in love with kente cloth and its rich history.”
Eumphemia-Ann Sydney Davies
The story behind the look
Sydney-Davies and Big Dread Kente have worked together to create a natural raffia-fringed hand-woven kente cloth midi skirt with recyclable plastic blocking, and a bralet top embellished with Swarovski upcycled crystals in queen bee motifs.

Illustration of the dress and coat

Competing on a next-level vibrancy scale, Sydney-Davis and Big Dread Kente have worked together to create a raffia-fringed skirt and bustier corset. Panels of handwoven kente cloth and transparent recycled plastic are paired with an oversized kente and wool jumper-coat.

Sydney-Davies and Big Dread Kente worked together to create a natural raffia-fringed hand-woven kente cloth midi skirt with recyclable plastic blocking

The Bralet

The bralet top was embellished with Swarovski upcycled crystals in queen bee motifs.

The Bardot Wrap Jacket

The outfit was completed with an oversized bardot wrap jacket made from hand-woven gold kente cloth, hand-woven country cloth, and 100% wool.

Sydney-Davies' look was completed with a handmade necklace and bracelet crafted by Ousman Toure in The Gambia.

The necklace is made using glass beads and wooden Malawian trade beads which were traditionally used as tender.

Final look on display at Buckingham Palace, 19 February 2018

Final look on display at the Australian High Commission, London, 22 February 2018

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