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The Cultne platform was created in 2009 based on the collections of Enúgbárijo Comunicações by Ras Adauto and Vik Birkbeck and CP - Cor da Pele Produções by Filó Filho and Carlos Medeiros. When put together, the sum of their production reaches over two thousand hours of video involving cultural, political, and social manifestations of the black population in Rio de Janeiro. The main objective was to converge all available audio-visual documents of popular cultural relevance, especially Afro-Brazilian, in order to inform the general population of the magnitude of the rich diversity of artistic and intellectual expressions of the Afro-descendant segment, which today represents the vast majority of the Brazilian people. Currently, much of this new material, as well as audio-visuals from other relevant copyright sources, needs to be digitized to ensure its perpetuation and distribution on networks.

The Cultne channel on the Youtube platform, launched in March 2009, brings together more than 3,000 videos, making it the largest digital collection of black culture in Latin America. Its development has been positively reflected in the self-esteem of the black population that is represented with an expressive cultural content. In addition to the historical archives, CULTNE hosts new and incessant video productions of black Brazilian culture.


The Cultne Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the Memory and History of the Black Population. It’s based on its extensive collection of black culture and intellectual production that has been created since 1980. Its pillars of activity are in the areas of Memory and Public History, Culture, Education and Communication.

The set of actions is connected to processes that were strengthened by the amendment of the Law of Directives and Bases of National Education (LDB - Law No. 9394/1996), which made the teaching of African and Afro-Brazilian History and Culture mandatory, as well as by the affirmative action policies of black students' access to public and private universities in the country. Thus, the Cultne Collection acts in the formation of a wide awareness about the defence of the right to memory and anti-racist history in Brazil.

The production and preservation of audio-visual collections of culture and black struggles in the last 40 years, associated with dialogues with intellectuals, activists and academics, especially with black historians, has resulted in the development of a unique and pioneering experience of Public History in Brazilian society.

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