Street Art Belgium

Street Art Belgium


“The world is my canvas”, a well-known quote in the wonderful world of street art. Also in our little country Belgium, we have a growing collective of street artists who use spray cans, paint brushes, posters, stencils and various installations to beautify the street scape. Street Art Belgium wants to document this art form and invites you to see this with your own eyes.

On our site itself you can see what the artist is working on, including a little map. Street Art Belgium encourages the community to actively share pictures and opinions on its platform to exchange inspiration. As street art phenomenon Banksy once said: “It’s a very frustrated feeling you get when the only people with good photos of your work are the police department.” In this way, Street Art Belgium wishes to promote and document Belgian street art in a positive way.

Our mission:
* Document and promote street art in a positive way
* Inspire artists in order to support creativity
* Organize and produce art events to involve enthusiasts

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