The Black Music Coalition

The Black Music Coalition
London, United Kingdom

The Black Music Coalition (BMC) is a Black led organisation formed in 2020 when a spotlight had been cast on the issue of racism, against Black people and communities. This moment led to Black execs working in the industry coming together and reflecting upon their experiences of both inter-personal and systemic racism in the music industry. The commonalities of those experiences informed the creation of the BMC and its goals.

The BMC’s overarching goal is to eradicate systemic and structural racism in the music industry; their work so far has involved lobbying industry organisations to force change in practices and processes which continue to negatively impact Black execs, and actively working to dismantling racial barriers affecting Black professionals and creatives. Their approach is to work collaboratively with the music industry on these issues.
The BMC currently consists of an executive committee formed of Black professionals either working in or affiliated to the UK music industry, as well as a wider committee also formed of Black music industry professionals. The organisation and its members give a voice to Black execs and ensure the challenges they face are recognised, heard and ultimately removed.

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