Boshan Colored Glaze Museum

Boshan Colored Glaze Museum
Zibo Shi, China

Boshan Colored Glaze Museum was newly built in September 2007. It is located at No.17 South Head of Xiye Street, Boshan District and covers an area of more than 3000 square meters. It is equipped with sound, light and electricity systems as well as projectors and VCD TV broadcasting equipment to broadcast high-definition audio and video materials of the production plan of colored glaze products at any time. In the museum, exhibition areas dedicated to ancient glaze, modern glaze, contemporary glaze and Boshan inner painting have been set up respectively. There are 1505 pieces of cultural relics in all kinds and at all levels, including ancient glaze, glaze crafts, fine art glaze, etc. In addition, modern glaze art has been used to build a lifelike "underwater world" and a vivid "animal kingdom" with many kinds of rare birds and animals made from glaze.

The construction of the Coloured Glaze Museum is an important measure taken by Boshan District Committee and Boshan District Government to further revitalize the industry of coloured glaze, to develop and expand the cultural industry of the region, and to showcase the Boshan coloured glaze to the rest of the world. It is also a platform built for enterprises and society to upgrade the artistic level of Boshan's colored glaze and. Companies such as Jinjing Group, Jingmei Coloured Glaze Company, Aimei Coloured Glaze Company and Yiyuange Ceramics and Colored Glaze Company as well as individual collectors have set up exhibition rooms here respectively.

Mr. Zhang Guangming, Director of Zibo Cultural Relics Appraisal Committee, said, "The world's glaze is in China, and the Chinese glaze is in Boshan. Boshan is the first place in China to discover the glazed stove, the first place in Chinese history where the production scale of glazed stove is the largest and the technological level is the highest, and the first place in China to build a large-scale professional coloured glaze museum.” The Coloured Glaze Museum reflects the history and development of Boshan coloured glaze production and the development process of traditional industries. It displays not only coloured glaze products, but also the history of Boshan. It is also an important base of patriotism education.

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