Catacombs of Naples | Rione Sanità

Catacombs of Naples | Rione Sanità
Napoli, Italy

We were born in Rione Sanità and we work here to change things. We devote all our knowledge and efforts to supporting new businesses and inspiring hope among the youth.
We founded La Paranza social cooperative in 2006, in a neighbourhood where there are both conflicts and great resources.
Our cooperative was born in one of the districts of Naples with the clearest evidence of great socio-cultural inequality and huge resources existing side by side.
We believe that this is the starting point for a process of self-development, which is why we decided to place our experience at the service of Rione Sanità: not to change city, but to change the city.
We contribute to reviving the city’s image with enthusiasm and professionalism, through the rediscovery of its artistic and cultural heritage.
We have also created training courses and job placement, exchange and networking schemes for people, organizations and associations.
We started our activities in 2006 with the management of the Catacomb of San Gaudioso, in the Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità. This journey led us to being awarded with the artistic-historical tender by the CON IL SUD Foundation in 2008. This was the first step in the process that led to the recovery, management and opening of the Catacombs of San Gennaro to the public.
Our team includes archaeologists, restorers and art historians involved in the study, supervision and restoration of the frescoes and mosaics in the Catacombs.

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Catacombs of Naples | Rione SanitàVia Capodimonte, 13
80136 Napoli
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