Château de Bouges

Château de Bouges
Bouges-le-Château, France

In 1759, Charles François Leblanc de Marnaval acquired lands around Bouges and ordered the construction of the castle. The existing surroundings recall singularly Petit Trianon in Versailles castle. Château de Bouges with its Italian reference illustrates stylishly XVIIIth century arts. Its current appearance is due to embellishments made by Henry Viguier, former Bazar de l’Hotel de Ville CEO, and his wife, when they acquired the castle in 1917. In 1967, Henri Viguier donated the castle to the public structure now known as Centre des monuments nationaux.
This place with a still inhabited appearance and the beauty of the surroundings are constitutive of the charm of this castle. Whatever the season you will be welcomed in the castle with garden flowers freshly arranged.
One cannot leave Bouges without wandering around the 80 ha park, planted with numerous species of trees, with some rare essence (tulipier, American red oak tree, liquidambar). Inside the main buildings you will also find an important collection related to hunting and horses.

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Château de Bouges15 Rue du Château
36110 Bouges-le-Château
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