Ballroom Throwbacks/Destination Tomorrow

Ballroom Throwbacks/Destination Tomorrow

Destination Tomorrow is a grassroots agency and the LGBTQ+ center of the Bronx borough. It is our belief that no individual should have to leave his, her, or their neighborhood to access LGBTQ+ specific services.

It is our belief that all LGBTQ+ young people deserve a space to grow, learn, and flourish. It is our belief that people, regardless of their sexual identity or gender expression, deserve a space they can call their own.

Through its comprehensive programming and services - both in-house and referral based, we work diligently to make sure Bronx LGBTQ+ community members, and those who love and support them, have this space. We also offer capacity building to agencies who wish to work with LGBTQ+ communities but lack the cultural competency, expertise, and space to do so.


At Destination Tomorrow: The Bronx LGBTQ+ Center believe that it is more helpful to empower our most vulnerable TLGBQ+ community members in a way that takes them off the path of needing emergency care; therefore, our organization emphasizes economic, social, and mental empowerment through a variety of holistic educational, financial, support-based, housing, and health programs.


As we provide consistent, necessary, and empowering resources to LGBQT+ clients, we envision a future with and for them that avoids crisis situations through action plans and connection to community.

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