Frogs & Friends

Berlin, Germany

Biologists, veterinarians, authors, journalists and communications experts affiliated to inform the public about the extinction of amphibians and their importance for mankind. Frogs & Friends works with an international network of zoos, independent experts and research bodies.

Reveal – Inform - Activate

Scientists agree, we are on the brink of the sixth mass extinction event. It’s happening aside of public focus in the hidden world of amphibians. Over one third of all frogs and salamander-species are endangered already – with tendency to rise. The magnitude of this issue is vast and serious, this massive loss of biodiversity will drastically affect our lives, streching across economic, scientific, and cultural sectors.

The missing link in effective amphibian conservation

In addition to exhibitions in partner institutions like the zoos in Vienna, Zurich or Cologne, Frogs & Friends focusses on digital media and social media communications, but also on joint projects as the "Frogs Fields" project in West Africa in cooperation with the Museum of natural history Berlin and the Robert Koch-Institute Berlin.

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