Fundación Itaú Argentina

Fundación Itaú Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Itaú Visual Arts Award - 14th edition
Digital exhibition – Google Arts and Culture

We welcome you to this new virtual exhibition of the Itaú Visual Arts Award, which brings together 66 finalist works in the current edition. For the fourth consecutive year, we are committed to hosting a valuable selection of federal and contemporary production from Argentina in the web universe.

Intuition and organicity were key elements to think about curatorship in two completely different spaces: museum galleries and the internet. We decided to work from a flexible conceptual horizon that respects the individuality of each proposal while adapting to such different spatial dimensions. We embraced time as a friendly dimension that was able to shape itself to each medium.

In the physical exhibition, three spacious and open galleries inspired the idea of circular time, organized into a past, present, and future becoming. For the virtual exhibition, we retained that temporal matrix, but this time, hosted on Google Arts and subject to the intangible, we assigned the works to different days of the week, which, from their astronomical symbolism, accommodated the various materialities and poetic universes that each work brings. Because if there is an inexorable circular time, it is the week, a convention capable of bringing together centuries in an unrelenting arrow that goes from Monday to Sunday and perpetually resets.

Convinced of the volatility of everything, but not of its insignificance, we hope that this bold and well-thought-out journey enables unexpected connections and opens to the most improbable paths in the immense ocean of algorithms.

María Menegazzo
Magdalena Mosquera


About Fundación Itaú Argentina

Its mission is to contribute to the educational, social, cultural and entrepreneurial transformation in our country. To achieve that, it carries out actions that improve the quality and inclusion of the educational system, stimulates the artistic expression as a fundamental tool for the transformation of society, and enhances the entrepreneurial culture and financial knowledge of people, by giving them means to reach their professional and personal goals and encouraging the corporate volunteering development through the promotion of activities with social and educational impact in the most vulnerable spaces.

“Itaú Cultural Award: Creating a collection”.
A peasant family perfectly immortalized on clay… the flat sculpture of a jaguar… A girl kneeling next to her father’s shirt… And the subtle image of a furniture store on Avenida Belgrano…
These are some of the images that take part of the Itaú Contemporary Art Collection that started in 2009. The love for art and its preservation penetrated the veins of the local branch and we planned a Visual Arts Award.

It is a modest collection so far, though it includes a list of great Argentine talents, from which some are not so emerging. Artists committed to their profession, their career and their artwork.
Two family cups turned into musical instruments… A graphite landscape upside down… “A Christ for two pesos”… And a grenadier with a cardboard vest standing by the Tucumán House door…
The subjects approached, as well as the languages, are diverse, and speak of the rich artistic production in our country, mostly represented through these artists.
This collection was proudly presented for the first time in May 2017 in the Palais de Glace halls and we wish to continue showing this heritage that we will not cease to enlarge.
The capture of a Pampas night… Escalators and their infinite reflections… “An inherited landscape”… And the deconstructions of splendorous works… An antagonistic bronze sculpture…
Anabella Ciana. Fundación Itaú Argentina

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