A selection of finalist works for the Itaú Visual Arts Award, 14th edition, from the cyclical perspective of the days of the week.

CornerFundación Itaú Argentina

Venus is a symbol of abundance, connecting us to the senses and opening us to awareness of the present moment.

Venus is a symbol of abundance, connecting us to the senses and opening us to awareness of the present moment.

In “Corner”, Gustavo Nieto takes up the concept of a corner and its various connotations to glorify it through a burst of brightness and color, celebrating joy and freedom.

This planet is assimilated with the deity of love. Its significance unfolds in both the aspects of romantic love and pure sexual attraction.

Gravitations (2022) by Pablo Pérez TorresFundación Itaú Argentina

In this installation, Pablo Pérez Torres stages elements that activate a theatricality linked to a certain eroticism that oscillates between the metaphysical atmosphere, the bondage narrative, and the skin.

Fighting from River YuspeFundación Itaú Argentina

Self-love, sensory awareness, and self-esteem are at the core of this energy.

In this work, Nehuén Moyano Cortez explores through a resilient and fluorescent weave the moments when the human blends with the landscape.

In the love journey from we to me, self-portraits appear, as cartographies of subjectivity, mirrors that become an image of ego.

ID Box VIFundación Itaú Argentina

In the case of Luciano Pozo, the work consists of small self-portraits on rose and poppy petals.

ID Box VIFundación Itaú Argentina

Each figure is composed in part by the artist's face and in part by the face of Botticelli's Venus.

An exercise in identity, a reflection on the fragility of existence, and the ephemeral nature of life.

Uniform No. 2 (2022) by Camila SanchezFundación Itaú Argentina

On the other hand, Camila Sánchez attempts a self-portrait using uniforms that she wore during her time as an employee at the Casino de Mar del Plata.

Uniform No. 2 (2022) by Camila SanchezFundación Itaú Argentina

The work is complemented by a small painting that appears to be the counterpoint corresponding to rest, in a totality entirely poetized by the artist's gaze.

Lolo and Lauti take something from the kitsch, in the sense of what is considered vulgar yet pretentious. "Amigovios" breathes that atmosphere of the cheesy with a hint of melancholy, but also with a strong aesthetic imprint.

Grammars of existenceFundación Itaú Argentina

Ignacio Cerbino Loza incorporates a dissident affective world from his grammar through hand-embroidered phrases, presented on confectionery trays.

A sentimental archive that versifies language and turns sentences into avatars of fine patisserie.

They looked and looked, but couldn’t say anything (2022) by Yese AstarloaFundación Itaú Argentina

In Yese Astarloa's video, two digitally animated hands perform an encounter that is both improbable and inevitable.
An artificiality that lingers on a mirrored and perfect slope.

Credits: Story

Itaú Award 14th Edition on Google Arts & Culture:
Curators: María Menegazzo and Magdalena Mosquera
Coordination: Celina Marco
Translations: Valentina Bonelli

Fundación Itaú Argentina
José Pagés
Clarice Bentolila
Anabella Ciana
Alejandra Saldías
Nancy Chappe
Mariana Coluccio
Melina Cools
Mariano Pastore

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