Beijing Jintai Art Museum

Beijing Jintai Art Museum


Yiyuan Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promote the cross-cultural understanding and international exchanges. Jintai Art Museum of the Yiyuan Society is the largest private museum located at the Chaoyang Park near the Beijing Central Business District (CBD) and it aims to promote the cross-cultural understanding and international exchanges through art. Yuan Xikun, a renowned Chinese artist, collector and education, is the founder of Jintai Art Museum. Yuan currently holds the following positions: the Curator of Beijing Jin Tai Art Museum, Honorary Chairman of China Association of Collectors, Researcher of the Graduate School of the Chinese Arts Research Institute, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, recipient of the National Labor Medal of May Day and Honorary Professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication. With its state of the art facilities, the Yiyuan Society and Cultural Center (Jintai Museum) has already successfully held and organized more than 300 high-level, high-grade international cultural exchange activities, art exhibition and projects. It has a history of organizing exhibitions of exceptional quality that make substantial contributions to the field of art history and contemporary art. The museum provides the platform for established and young artists from different parts of the world. These exhibitions encompass a wide range of mediums, artists and cultural traditions. ArtDialogue, the museum's public lecture event series, features leading figures in the art and collection communities sharing insights about their works and experiences. The museum strengthens art history and contemporary art through interdisciplinary practice of conservation and education. The program provides the platform for individuals and institutions committed to advancing the understanding and preservation of the visual art domestically and globally. The art salon was awarded "top 10 most influential museum" in 2007 and 2010. The museum develops all kinds of communications with international cultural and art institutions with exhibits and learning communications. The museum aims to build he propagandizing platform. We compile and publish nearly 300 pieces of artworks and theoretic works with the partnership with media, which can provide important reference and investigating modes for promoting art and increasing the accessibility of the museum collection to the public. In addition to its art collection and functions on art education, Jintai also hosts Pavilion Beijing project to embrace the concepts of sustainability, innovation and creative art. Pavilion (Hub) Beijing is a leading collaboration network which combines networked workspaces and knowledge brokerage as the purpose to boost global partnership, Jintai established the Innovation Hub in Beijing through a network of partnerships, alliances. Jintai is trying to build the platform for ongoing global creative art and technology initiative. Led by both national and international interdisciplinary teams of young talents in the areas of art, science, technology, education, and sustainability, the Pavilion addresses issues of sustainability, innovation and creative industry through programs and activities. While we will engage in many activities and networking of work groups, a focus will be the development of innovative entrepreneurship and network, providing a space for corporates and would--be innovators to share ideas and seek solutions. The Pavilion also aims to create a co-working platform to build the working networks among creative industries and would-be innovators to explore partnership through experimental projects. The strategy of the Pavilion initiative is to provide opportunities for participants around the city to engage in the ideas and experiments.

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