Museum of Modern Art Aloisio Magalhães

Museum of Modern Art Aloisio Magalhães
Recife, Brazil

The Museum of Modern Art Aloisio Magalhães - MAMAM - works in a building built in the middle of the century XIX to be headquarters of the International Club of Recife, having also been used, for several decades of the following century - starting from the decade of 30 to the decade of 60 -, as headquarters of the City hall of Recife. It´s transformation in art space just happened in 1981, when the Metropolitan Gallery of Art of Recife was created, in the following year was renowned for Metropolitan Gallery of Art Aloísio Magalhães, in honor to the plastic artist, designer and Pernambuco cultural manager, died in the year of 1982. In 1997 the big house was reformed and, for an action of the Mayor of the City - law 16.314/97 - on July 24, 1997 it was transformed as Museum. Since their first years of existence, the MAMAM accomplished exhibitions with renowned artists of several origins - local, national and international - and artistic orientations, allowing to the public the contact with the rich diversity that defines the modern and contemporary production. Having as objective turning a center of reference of the modern and contemporary production of the visual arts, the MAMAM, through the publicizing, registration and reflection on the art of the present and their historical references, has been contributing to the public's cultural formation and for the densifying of the institutional and artistic circles of Recife. The MAMAM has 3 pavements - with 7 expository rooms -, besides the Oiticica Aquarium - space dedicated to special projects of small load -, Auditorium, and internal Patio, specialized in modern and contemporary art Library, Technical Reserves - collection -. Now possesses almost 100 works of the collection audio described, destined to the public with visual deficiency or low vision, available at

The MAMAM launched in 2010 the Club of photography collectors, and it is with the second open edition, that counts on artists Alberto Bitar, Gordana Manic, João Castilho, Jonathas de Andrade and Priscilla Buhr.
Also with the objective of fomenting the hoarding the MAMAM launched in 2015 the MAMAM Multiples Project, that offers to the public renowned artists' works (multiple), with low cost and a limited series. Such as Daniel Santiago, Marcelo Silveira, Márcio Almeida, Paulo Meira, Paulo Bruscky, among others.
The proposal of the projects Club of photography and MAMAM Multiples is to foment the hoarding close to the great public, making possible that renowned authors and promising talents are acquired and covered in their ideas, concepts and aesthetics.

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Museum of Modern Art Aloisio MagalhãesRua da Aurora, 265 - Boa Vista

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