Museo Arqueológico de Alicante MARQ

Museo Arqueológico de Alicante MARQ
Alacant, Spain

MARQ is an archaeology museum which is dedicated to displaying its collection in a traditional way; as a collection of classified and catalogued finds. MARQ is a project faced with the challenge of being the first archaeological museum of the 21st century.

A Journey through History

The development and formation of a people is influenced greatly by its past, especially one that is shaped by the presence of various ancient civilizations. It is therefore essential that this past is made known and passed on to all those people who visit MARQ.

As well as being a professional institution and an important educational space, the new Provincial Archaeology Museum of Alicante also provides a spectacular and entertaining experience.The museum offers visitors the opportunity to find out about the various methods and techniques that are associated with archaeology. These are explained in three galleries dedicated to: Field Archaeology, Urban Archaeology and Underwater Archaeology. Various dioramas, audio-visual presentations and interactives provide visitors with a detailed insight into the techniques that archaeologists use to discover the past. These provide valuable information which is displayed in an attractive and didactic way.Furthermore, the museum has various exhibition spaces for temporary displays and is equipped with a full range of installations to undertake a variety of investigation, conservation, restoration, cataloguing and dissemination projects.

MARQ is divided into various thematic sections which provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy an emotive journey through the local history. On entering the exhibition area, visitors are immediately submerged into the local geography of Alicante and are shown the rich and varied nature of its natural and monumental landscapes. From here the historical journey begins through the permanent galleries dedicated to Prehistory, the Iberians, the Romans, the Medieval Age and the Modern and Contemporary Historical Periods.In MARQ the various galleries are linked by thematic introductory sections which provide chronological continuity to the displays and which are enhanced by interactive consoles. These provide detailed information on the sites, including descriptions of the archaeological objects on display and explanations on the different ways of life of the various cultures.

The Museo Arqueológico de
Alicante MARQ also manages several archaeological sites as “El
Tossal de Manises” ancient roman city of Lucentum, “La
Illeta dels Banyets” or the sanctuary of “Pla
de Petracos” and collaborates with other historical monuments as “Torre
de Almudaina” o la “Torre
de Les Maçanes”.

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