Prudente de Moraes Museum

Prudente de Moraes Museum
Piracicaba - SP, Brazil

A graduate of the Law Academy of São Paulo, in Largo São Francisco, in 1864, Prudente de Moraes lived in Constituição, now Piracicaba. Its political life was marked by mandates in municipal, state and mainly federal spheres. From 1894 to 1898 he became the third President of the Republic of Brazil, the first Civilian President elected by the people. After the end of his presidential term, he returned to Piracicaba, where he worked as a lawyer, headed the articulations of the dissident Republican Party, and died on December 3, 1902, a victim of tuberculosis.

The house acquired unfinished and completed in 1870 has received a lot of political meetings in a troubled period of the Proclamation of the Republic. It consisted in the lot next to the building, his office and a large yard with garden and orchard with leafy jabuticaba trees ordered to plant by Prudente de Moraes. This building was after the 1930s, Prudente de Moraes School of Dentistry, Dr. Prudente School Group and, in 1957, the Prudente de Moraes Historical and Pedagogical Museum. Currently the building is registered at the Municipal (CODEPAC), State (CONDEPHAAT) and Federal Level (IPHAN). In addition to the building, the collection corresponding to Prudente de Moraes Collection is also listed by IPHAN.

The former residence of the First President of the Republic is now the Prudente de Moraes Historical and Pedagogical Museum, underwent a restoration of the physical structure and a new museographic and museological restructuring contemplating the public, political and private life of Prudente de Moraes and the History of Piracicaba showing important phases of the city, its formation, economic and social changes resulting from the great development of agriculture and industry.

The collection is eclectic, with objects and furniture that belonged to important Piracicaba´s figures, among them: Prudente de Moraes, Luiz de Queiroz, João Sampaio, Barões de Serra Negra e de Rezende, Sud Mennucci, Cobrinha, Fabiano Lozano. There are also great works of plastic artists and a varied iconographic and textual collection.

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Prudente de Moraes Museum641, Santo Antonio Street
Piracicaba - SP
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