Nadace Dagmar a Václava Havlových VIZE 97

Nadace Dagmar a Václava Havlových VIZE 97

The Office of Václav Havel –
A project of the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation Vize 97

In the spirit of its name and mission, the VIZE 97 Foundation has prepared a new cultural project having a close personal connection with President Václav Havel.

The Office of Václav Havel, which is also the official title of the project, is based at the same address as the VIZE 97 Foundation, namely Voršilská Street in Prague 1. The unique premises, which the President himself helped create together with the architect Bořek Šípek, started to serve its purpose in 2003, when Václav Havel left office as Czech President. Since then, the office has witnessed many important meetings and events. It is a place which bears the indelible imprint of President Havel, and the VIZE 97 Foundation is fully aware of its responsibility to preserve this unique space in its present state, as representing, in view of its significance, a precious cultural heritage for today’s and future generations. The main idea and vision of the project is to enable the entire world to come and view the office of Václav Havel in its entirety and items, such as awards, photos and gifts that help conjure up the atmosphere of the place where President Havel worked for almost ten years.

We are sure you’ll enjoy the Office of Václav Havel.

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