Mazara del Vallo, Italy

Periferica is an organization that promotes urban regeneration through social, cultural and artistic processes that can strengthen the link between communities and territories.
We help public and private bodies to develop formats capable of rehabilitating abandoned or underused areas, accompanying them from the analysis phase to the preparation of specific programs able to include communities within a process that generates urban, social and cultural impact .
Periferica is made up of returning creatives, that is, people who, having trained outside of Sicily, have chosen to return to invest in culture, tourism and education as vectors of innovation and development. A multidisciplinary group under 30, made up of architects, designers and creatives, who share their ideas and skills every day in a space we started calling Home.

Casa Periferica is a contemporary cultural park, a creative center that hosts private events, exhibitions and meetings. A regenerated space after 30 years of abandonment and which now houses a guesthouse, a coworking, a social kitchen, a park with a museum and a playground for events. A place that regenerates, where to grow, work and have fun promoting culture, art and socializing.

Periferica is a festival of urban regeneration, art and creativity where dozens of European students, academics and artists come every year to celebrate creativity and share their skills with other experts and inhabitants. The program aims to transform abandoned areas into useful spaces with-and-for the local community, developing solutions through a transdisciplinary, multi-scalar and co-created design approach, moving from architecture to multimedia. Through seminars, workshops, visits, discussions and events, the global and local community mix, creating a temporary micro-village near the project area.

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PerifericaVia dell'acquedotto 13-15
91026 Mazara del Vallo
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