Palazzo Asmundo

Palazzo Asmundo
Palermo, Italy

The construction of Palazzo Asmundo dates back to 1615.
It was erected on the ancient "road of the Cassaro" (today's Corso Vittorio Emanuele), after the enlargement and rectification occurred in 1567, by the will of the viceroy Garcia De Toledo.
Only in 1767 was the building completed.
Before the President of Justice Giuseppe Asmundo, Marquis of Sessa, owned the building, it had belonged to the Joppolo dei Principi di S. Elia family.
The palace (reminds us of the plaque placed there), welcomed Maria Cristina, daughter of Ferdinando III, a refugee from Naples together with her husband Carlo, duke of Genoa and Sardinia.
Another plaque, placed on the main façade, testifies that in this palace Anna Turrisi Colonna and his sister Giuseppina were born in 1821 and 1822 respectively, the first painter and art critic, the second poet.

The French Gaston Vuiller, who stayed there for a short period, mentions this building in his book La Sicilia, impressions of the present and the past, published in Milan by the Treves Brothers in 1897.

Inside the palace there are rooms decorated with frescoes by the painter Gioacchino Martorana. A large balcony directly overlooks the Cathedral of Palermo.

Precious collections are located inside the building. The bricks of census, the white and firearms, the copious cartographic and numismatic documentation.

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