Eberbach Monastery

Eberbach Monastery
Eltville am Rhein, Germany


THE DOOR STANDS OPEN, BUT THE HEART EVEN MORE SO! The Eberbach Monastery invites you to take part in this journey. The monastery offers you the opportunity to experience such a journey with all of your senses. Let your eyes be impressed by the simple beauty of our monumental, Romanesque monastery church. Let your ears enjoy the musical pleasure of one of the wonderful concerts held here each year, for example, during the Rheingau Music Festival. Let your taste buds and nose revel in the delicate, fruity taste and aroma-rich bouquet of a noble Riesling wine in the historical "Cabinetkeller". Or enjoy the refreshing, cool atmosphere of the massive lay brothers' refectory on a hot summer day. Only when you have experienced all of these pleasures have you really been in Eberbach. And then, we are sure, you will return to Eberbach again and again.

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Eberbach Monastery65346 Eltville am Rhein
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