The Space

The Space
Birmingham, United Kingdom

The Space is a unique commissioning and development programme to support greater digital access to the arts, founded and supported by the BBC and Arts Council England. Its purpose is to increase the audience reach and impact of publicly funded arts and culture through digital technologies, to build digital skills across the arts sector and to support the development and creation of innovative and interactive new art works.

The Space helps arts organisations innovate and form partnerships with emerging creative sectors to take arts forms into the future, encouraging artists and organisations to take advantage of the different artistic possibilities offered by digital media and technologies.

The organisation works to increase access to works that deserve to reach a bigger audience and that would be inaccessible for many people for reasons of cost, access, disability, and geography, as well as reaching new audiences who may not consume arts through traditional routes, including younger people, and those from more diverse backgrounds.

Supporting the UK arts sector through commissioning, content creation, audience development and distribution, and an extensive learning programme, Space projects reflect the diversity of talent, audiences, region and art form across UK arts and culture.

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The SpaceStudio 30, Fazeley Studios,
191 Fazeley Street, Birmingham
B5 5SE
United Kingdom
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