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a film by tiata fahodzi

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“The world had no time for the childhoods of black boys and girls.” Between the World and Me, 'Ta- Nehisi Coates'

good dog the play

good dog was made in the wake of the EU referendum and toured in a post-Brexit world – when the UK's ethnic and class divides have rarely felt as wide. It is a true epic - spanning multiple streets, characters, families and years. The narrator is a little black boy who slips through the cracks but this ability to go unnoticed, gives him a privileged panoramic point of view. 

Young Boy from good dog (2020)The Space

Boys like this - neither excellent and extraordinary nor dangerous – are often a victim of quiet neglect; they don’t have a voice, don’t get attention but not in good dog. He is like an oracle on a mountaintop, a character through whom a whole community can be brought richly to the stage. 

tiata fahodzi - a creative theatre companyThe Space

tiata fahodzi

The original commissioners of good dog are tiata fahodzi – a company telling stories for and about Britain today and the Britain of tomorrow, creating stories that illuminate the mixed and multiple experience of the African diaspora.

Trevor Senior and Duppy from good dog (2020)The Space

Their work starts with the contemporary British African experience but reaches beyond to ask everyone, what does it mean to be a Briton, now? Past productions include mixed brain by ITV Benidorm’s 'Nathan Bryon', 'good dog' by award-winning actor Arinzé Kene, 'bricks and pieces' by multi-award- winning Charlene James, 'i know all the secrets in my world' and 'seeds' by Melanie Pennant 

Trailer for good dog (2020-08-01)The Space

Members of the cast of good dog (2020)The Space

The Characters

In good dog the play, Arinzé vividly paints characters within a rich community of people but they are performed by one actor. It’s through his eyes - and his voice and body - that we meet them. However, in the films, we get to bring them to life in new ways by casting them as separate characters. 

The Location

When researching estates online, singular negative narrative that says estates are “islands of disadvantage” can be overwhelming. We wanted to work against that limiting narrative and pay homage to the dynamic and diverse estates that have bore some of the most impactful people of our time.

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