The Street Museum of Art

The Street Museum of Art
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The Street Museum of Art (SMoA) is a public art project that challenges previous methods of exhibiting street art by adopting the guerrilla tactics of street art and graffiti culture in a program of curated exhibitions. The project is run anonymously and exhibitions are mapped out by the placement of didactic labels around each city, mimicking those found in traditional museums. By bringing the concept of the museum outside, SMoA is encouraging visitors to actually go experience each piece within its original context, on the street. Much like the essential nature of street art, The Street Museum of Art is ephemeral; the duration of the exhibitions is entirely reliant on external forces and the reaction of the public.

Guerrilla curating for a radical art form.

The partnership between The Street Museum of Art and Google's Art Project reinforces the duality between the ephemeral life street art endures within the urban environment and its viral existence made possible through new technologies introduced by the internet and social media platforms. Street artists around the world are collectively changing the way we experience art. The Street Museum of Art and Google's Art Project are among the first cultural institutions to follow in the street artist's footsteps by introducing new models for curating exhibitions that coincides with this radical art form rather than trying to replicate or alter it in any way. Together the two projects support each other and the street art movement in a way that has not been possible before.

To fully realize the potential and influence of this movement within the context of contemporary art history, The Street Museum of Art is taking the intangible qualities of a museum outside where this art lives.

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