AI: More than Human

Exploring the evolving relationship between humans and technology

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Barbican Centre

A new world

Where machines learn, respond and react like humans

AI explained

Key topics in 120 seconds

Enter the exhibition

The Barbican's landmark series exploring the past, present and future of AI

Decoding how AI works

Where AI meets culture

The key cultural questions

Understanding the power of technology

Code that's trying to save the world

AI, art, and nature

When art meets AI

Taking art beyond the canvas

Create your own AI artwork

Es Devlin invites you to be part of a global collective poem online and at the Barbican's exhibition

The music of the future

"There is a future about to happen, and we can help shape it. It's going to be a great one."Suzanne Livingston (Curator of AI: More than Human)

The future of AI

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