Try it yourself

Take inspiration from Barbara Hepworth's work and get creative

Fabric designs and print making

Discover the patterns and textures of Hepworth's lesser known artworks

Get creative at home

Gather your materials and try re-creating art like Barbara Hepworth

Can you guess where this is?
Clue: It's a place where Barbara Hepworth once lived
Study of Robin Hood's Bay (Barbara Hepworth)

Can you guess the material of these sculptures?

Zoom into the artworks to see the texture

What inspired Hepworth to create this artwork?
Clue: You can zoom into the strings
Orpheus (Maquette I) (Barbara Hepworth)

Experiment with lighting

Can you to take a photograph that captures light and shadow like these?

Do you know the name of this sculpture?
Clue: It's one of Barbara Hepworth's most famous public commisions
Single Form
Barbara Hepworth with the plaster Single Form at the Morris Singer Foundry, May 1963. Photograph by Morgan Wells
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